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> Has anyone made their own games covering other parts fo the empire or
> Glorantha?

I've made a few boardgames - first was for the

Blood Kings War - a rebellious Bull Shah against the New Moon Queendom. This was the penultimate episode from a Runequest game set in 13th Century Carmania. I had a map of Pelanda cunningly coloured in so that the Bull Shah territory was shaped like a bull, an the Moon Shah had a semicircular region, next to another semicircular (dark) region.

The final episode was Jannisor's rebellion - for which I had a map of Dara Happa. Most of the units were simply counters taken from DP and NG, but a few were specially made.

I worked out a scenario to play through the Tarsh Civil War, which I called "Careless Tork Costs Lives" (a bad pun on King Orios marching into Tork and releasing the horde) which was a three player scenario. I've never played it through with anyone else, but it was in the Raider's Digest 1.

Part of my method in doing these games was to do a new map board which I found to be easier than expected. I wanted map sections that could be fitted together and easily modified so that cities and other features could be added and changed easily - so started drawing features on a 10x15 hex sections that would cover the whole of Genertela. I did complete a large chunk of Genertela and most of Fonrit but no longer have them.

Teshnos fitted nicely onto the edge of the Wastes and included a nice elephant shape if viewed with a squint, which was the setting for "The Plunder of Teshnos" featuring the tribes from NG against the cities and magics of Teshnos. Quite a few interesting Minor Allies, such as the dwarfs, the various Hsunchen, and the Fire religion of the Teshnans.

I tried to write a Dragonkill scenario, an attempt to use every single counter from both games several times. One player being the Dragons, the other being the Golden Horde. They came in waves of attack, with dragons turning up late in the day when enough has gathered to feast.

I ran a Hero Wars game based on the founding of (the city of) Pavis and retrospectively wrote the adventures into the DP scenario format.

As part of that game, I wrote a Pure Horse version of Credo concerning the Pure Horse peoples split between Horses and Zebra - which worked very well.

Finally (although chronologically this came first), I ran a PBEM Pavis version of Monopoly with various changes - players built Temples and Tenements instead of hotels and houses, Income Tax was changed to Nomad Attacks, and Super Tax changes to Thog Attacks as examples. You've Won Second Prize in a Zebra Breeding Competition.

> And for those who own Nomad Gods, what is it like? I have haeard it si
> not as good as Dragon Pass, but any infoon the game wouldbe of interest.

It lacks the appeal of DP because it seems less like an obvious battle (IMO). I feel that there could be/should be some changes to the set up that would better simulate the feel of a nomad khan out to plunder other khans of thair chattel wealth. I've never got around to trying anything out. Something like moving the herds and making sacrifices once per week, (say), and then moving warriors and spirits around for seven turns (limited by the support rules) so that the game plays more like a herd moving, then warriors establishing their territory, then moving again. If you're only going to get one game get DP. If you want to know what happens in Prax, get NG.

> Oh last thing - someone recently mentioned a Credo variant. Anyone tell
> me more about this? I have been trying to geta copy of Credo th card
> game for years if anyone can help let me know. "Same Substance,
> Different Substance!" Appeals to my training as a theologian. :)

Credo is a great game - really interesting way of learning about early Christian theology IMO. The rules structure is relatively straightforward and I used it, as mentioned above, for the Pure Horse People. I made my own cards for doctrines (called 'beliefs' for Pure Horse) and made up events that had similar effects (but different colour) to Credo events. I was trying to come up with a "Credo for Trolls" which was going to be related to ancestors and descendents (rather than flock) but never quite got a handle on it.


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