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Hi folks,

On 16 Jan 2006 at 9:42, Simon Phipp wrote:

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> CJ:
> > Has anyone made their own games covering other parts fo the empire or
> > Glorantha?
> I've got a sketchy game for Balazar at which
> still needs a lot of work. Hopefully, I'll be drawing up counters for it
> fairly soon, now I've got Cyberboard to work.

Ah, sorry Simon, I just mentioned the Balazaar stuff earlier as being on-line somewhere, but didn't credit you.

> > And for those who own Nomad Gods, what is it like? I have haeard it si
> > not as good as Dragon Pass, but any infoon the game wouldbe of interest.
> Well, I only managed to play the original game two or three times, and that
> was against a Dragon Pass Master, who wiped the floor with me. I played the
> new version at Convulsions and again a couple of times. I can see why people
> prefer Dragon Pass, as there are a lot of new ideas in Nomad Gods and the
> scenarios are, perhaps, not as balanced and not as fulfilling. However,
> having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it.
> The DP Master who I played NG with commented that having Spirits permanently
> on the board was interesting, the gods were perhaps too powerful (we limited
> Superheroes to a 12!!CF normaly, going to 20 when Berserk), but there were no
> SuperHeroes in NG, so perhaps that was OK. Then he read the batallia and
> piece desriptions in 15 minutes and slaughtered me in every game we played.

I really like NG, but I'm not really much of a war gamer as such. I really like the spirit pool.

I think there are issues with balance of tribal battalia (this was long running debate in the old days here:-)).

> > I am keen to buy a copy - one occasionally sees the French edition on
> > e-bay, but I'm still interested to hear your opinions till I can lay my
> > hands on one.
> OK, I'd recommend it. I sold both mine ages ago, when I had a big cleanout of
> roleplaying stuff, and regret it to this day.
> Stephen Martin:
> > The game can be very fun, but it is very different dynamics, and because
> > of the possibility of five players can take MUCH longer. Also, if you
> > have 4 or 5 players, it is often very boring for a long time for one or
> > two players, if they aren't involved in any of the battles of the other
> > players.
> Yes, there's a lot of nothing in Prax - all open space and lots of units to
> move around in. And the support rules can be a bugger as well - we always
> played in Winter to minimise the effect.

I think the worst area of the map is the corner aropund Pavis & BR. Once Sun Domers (too slow to be useful in NG, unlike DP) & spirit of Pavis is alied there is nothing to do here. It should be possible to gain normal spirit allies at P&BR and possibly Sun Dome once the original alliances are made.

> Some of the scenarios suffered from the Victory Conditions Syndrome, where
> the player controlling the most Oases at the end of the game wins, so there
> was a cat-and-mouse game up to the very end, then a fanning out of troops to
> block the other player from reaching oases and an attack on any enemy-owned
> oases.
> > The game has a bunch more cool units than does Dragon Pass, because of
> > all the spirits. Certainly, if you like Glorantha or Dragon Pass, you'll
> > probably enjoy Nomad Gods, even if only for the info in it.

Yes, this is the real plus point of the game.  

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