The Dwarf

From: <buserian>
Date: Tue Jan 17 19:05:03 2006

Hi All,

Oh, something else I'd change is The Dwarf. Only a 1/6 chance of the emissary being slain? He's really that friendly? (Or do you use the normal emissary rules too, so you have a 1/3 chance of being slain, then a further 1/6 on the second die roll? Either way, I don't like it.)

In some games, I'd like to see The Dwarf as a full independent, requiring a DP advantage (15 DPs?) to ally. If you do ally with him (via the normal emissary rules), you get him and all his cool stuff.

Either way, I would change the die roll of 1 on the Dwarf Luck Table (emissary slain) to getting a new gift (that glass flying machine I mentioned earlier), and then just use the normal emissary rules to see if you are eliminated (1-2), not given anything by The Dwarf (3), or get to roll on the Dwarf Luck Table (4-6).

Also, who really wants The Dwarf himself when they go to Dwarf Run? I'd rather have any of his gadgets than him himself, myself. So, maybe remove him from the Dwarf Luck Table altogether, and only make him available in scenarios where you actually ally Dwarf Run as an independent nation, or get The Dwarf as part of the battalia of a 3rd player.

If we did remove him from the Dwarf Luck Table, we would have two open slots. One for the glass flying machine, what would be cool and new for the additional slot? No actual dwarf unit, IMO -- he doesn't have that many to give. Maybe ... a bomb? A single-use, giant dwarf bomb that could be used as a mini-WMD in the game? Yeah, a bomb -- I kind of like that, it has a nice feel to it.


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