Re: Loads of Stuff

From: Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur>
Date: Wed Jan 18 23:34:33 2006

>>Best rearguard action I know. They can place one illusion a turn, which
>>requires a stack of 12 CFs to overcome with a 50% probability (or
>>archers). When they survive, they get to strike back. They stop even
>>superhero movement before they are eliminated.
> OK, I never normally play a rearguard action, unless I am being thrashed, and
> even then I tend to attack to get out of situations. That's probably why I
> lose a lot.

Just on that point (not your losing :-), we added a rule of overrun to get rid of pesky ZOCs that truthfully wouldn't have a snowball's chance: we experimented with two options -

  1. if the attacker had an automatic kill then they could run right over the ZOC and ignore it; or
  2. if the attacker had a 10:1 CF advantage then they could do the same. Either work well in practice, it just depends on how you want to play the game. Defensive terrain counted of course. This usually meant that the stack to benefit had a SH in it (who ignores defensive terrain). What was nice was that other stacks that didn't have a SH often were ZOCed while the SH went on alone - whoops :-)


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