Who are "The Independents"?

From: Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur>
Date: Fri Jan 20 00:22:25 2006

buserian_at_juno.com wrote:
> Who exactly are considered to be "The Independents" in Dragon Pass. I
> would assume that most people define them as the battalia the 3rd player
> gets, right? Can someone list those here, sicne my copy of the rules is
> unavailable at the moment.

Androgeus (and I've been misspelling her) Dwarf + gifts
Ironhoof et al

> As I said in an earlier message, I would maybe add the Tusk Riders in to
> that battalia, but I wonder if there are other lesser peoples who haven't
> been included who might be.

Delecti? (wow, gee, that's wonderful :-) Sun Dome?
They don't get a dragon (but in the scenario the other don't either) but how about Cragspider without dragon? Not politically correct I suspect. Ethilrist would be the more likely I would think if you're adding a major independent.

AND they have to deploy first so don't get to see the other's deployment before their own. They do get to choose the moon though.


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