Who are "The Independents"?

From: buserian_at_juno.com <buserian>
Date: Fri Jan 20 01:01:58 2006


On Fri, 20 Jan 2006 11:21:49 +1100 Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur_at_gmail.com> writes:

> > Who exactly are considered to be "The Independents" in Dragon Pass. I
> > would assume that most people define them as the battalia the 3rd
> > gets, right? Can someone list those here, sicne my copy of the rules
> > unavailable at the moment.
> Androgeus (and I've been misspelling her)
> Dwarf + gifts
> Exiles
> Grazelanders
> Ironhoof et al
> Dragonnewts

They don't get Cragspider (minus dragon)? I misremembered that. I would probably give them Cragspider and the trolls, no dragon. That should even the sides a bit. :)

> > As I said in an earlier message, I would maybe add the Tusk Riders in
> > that battalia, but I wonder if there are other lesser peoples who
> > been included who might be.
> Delecti? (wow, gee, that's wonderful :-)

Uh, no, I don't think so. :)

> Sun Dome?


> They don't get a dragon (but in the scenario the other don't either)
> how about Cragspider without dragon? Not politically correct I suspect.

> Ethilrist would be the more likely I would think if you're adding a
> major independent.

Oh, and no Ethilrist either. Man, they're just screwed. :)
> AND they have to deploy first so don't get to see the other's
> before their own. They do get to choose the moon though.

Well, that's some small favor.

You could give each side one of the dragons to start with, too, if you want an extra-fun game. :)


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