DP Question: Spirit Magic

From: Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur>
Date: Sun Jan 22 05:57:12 2006

buserian_at_juno.com wrote:
> That sounds right, but I will let someone else chime in to confirm.

I agree as well - that's how we/I play it.

> One ALTERNATE rule I like, which I'd like to see added to the rules set
> permanently, is for certain holy places, primarily major temples, to give
> a "terrain bonus" when it comes to selecting casualties of magic. Thus, a
> MgF 4 unit in the Shaker's Temple would actually take 6 MgF losses to
> eliminate. This would apply to DSM as well as offensive spirit magic, and
> probably physical magic as well. Not Chaos magic, though, at least, I
> can't see how to apply such a rule to that concept, which deals in units
> rather than factor totals. Besides, I like the idea that the Shaker's
> Temple is as vulnerable to Chaos as is Boldhome or, for that matter,
> Apple Lane.

That's a nice addition - I'll start playing it immediately (when I next play :-( )


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