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Date: Sun Jan 22 07:21:50 2006

What happened? And I can't remember -- were they to DP scale? Do you have scans or photocopies?

They were to DP scale, the same scale as the Balazar map from Griffin Mountain, the same scale as the River of Cradle map from Pavis boxed set and the same size as Shadows Dance map from Trollpak. I used the Genertela boxed set maps to coordinate them all. I think each each was 12.7km across. Something like that. I no longer have them, losing them somewhere in Australia.
> Pavisopoly! What a neat idea.

It was OK until I added a few too many variants to the standard rules and tried them out at Stabcon where the loopholes were discovered in a few minutes. However, the online game was fun, even though we never finished it. (Or indeed, built any temples). I may actually have a copy of this board which I was very pleased with.

> > Credo is a great game - really interesting way of learning about early
> Interesting variants, but Credo doesn't lend itself well to trolls, or
> even to the Pure Horse People very much. (Horses vs. Zebras -- this was a
> Praxian variant, I take it?) Now, it seems very well-suited to the Dara
> Happans, especially if you have access to the historical info in
> Fortunate Succession, about all the changes to Yelm over the years.

Actually, it worked pretty well for the Pure Horse traditionalists vs the New Horse modernists - the "ignore the ground men" vs the "slaughter the ground men" to the "work with the groundmen". From "Obey Out Leaders" to "Obey Our Traditions". The Shamans/Warriors/Chiefs/Riders worked fine for Clergy/Secular/Flock (although I split the roles of the Clegy and Secular between the Shamans, Warriors and Chiefs.

Dara Happa would be an excellent idea - but almost too complicated for me at the moment. Lunars even more complicated!

> And if you ignore the fact that the Red Goddess is available to the
> emperor for direct questioning, it would work perfectly for the Lunars,
> trying to come up with their own Credo of the Red Goddess. The one Greg
> wrote should only be one possible result.
> Steve

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