From: <buserian>
Date: Sun Jan 22 18:51:08 2006

Wow Keith!

This is way cool stuff! Get a license from Issaries and ... whoever owns Monopoly these days? How expensive could it be? :)

On Sun, 22 Jan 2006 05:54:50 EST writes:
> I've been looking through a few old discs. Here is the list pf
> They correspond to the places going round the board - King's Villa
being 'Go',
> I was quite pleased how well some features fit - The Gates as stations,
> Quarries as utilities, Puzzle Canal as Go to Jail, Furner Fields as

Why not just use the jail as Go to Jail?

> Parking, Devil's Playground as Just Visiting. I did wonder about other

Now THAT'S funny!

> Glorantha-monopoly crossovers but didn't come up with any. Perhaps I
should give it a go
> (even though I am not a monopoly fan, I should point out)

Glamour could be cool, though my understanding is Greg was never very warm on the Reaching Moon version of the city. Boldhome would probably be boring.

What I think would work ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, however, would be a Holy Country variant. Each color from normal monopoly becomes one of the various cultures/factors. Esrolia would account for 3 or 4, Heortland for 2 (one for the Orlanthi part, one for the Malkioni part), God Forgot another, etc. City of Wonders becomes the "Just Visiting", some of the major geographic or magical features could be the four stations, etc. I have a copy of Italian Monopoli, I might pull it out and try some correspondences (since I don't actually own an American version).

> CRADLE LOOT: the magical treasures looted from the Giants Cradles that
> down the river. Pick a card from the CRADLE LOOT pile




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