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From: <buserian>
Date: Wed Jan 25 18:13:42 2006


On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 11:35:20 +0000 (GMT) Simon Phipp <> writes:
> > A non-text attachment was scrubbed...
> > Name: monopoly.sxc
> Well, it didn't come through, but eh link worked fine.

I got the file OK, but even with Joerg's advice I still can't access the XML -- my system says I am missing various files. Something to do with style sheets, I think.

> Steve:
> > Sort of, yes -- something to make missile fire a bit more effective.
> > I still favor eliminating missile fire as a separate set of rules,
> > just use one combat results table for everything except Chaotic
> > adding Disrupt and Retreat options to that table.
> Would you still keep Missile Fire as a separate combat phase? At the


> you have Spirit Magic, Physical Magic, Missile Combat and Physical
> separate, it would be a shame to lose the Missile Combat Phase.

I agree completely -- I don't mind the phase, it is a separate table and set of result rules for it I dislike.

> Chris Ward:
> > Debatably sun domers should get some missile defence bonus if
> stacked on
> > top.
> They already double defending CF, that should be enough.
> > Bison should definately loose their missile defense bonus, and Llama
> > vulnerability.
> Well, if herds are more vulnerable to missile fire, then Bison and High
> Lllama both should be, as they are big targets and easy to hit. Rhinos
> be less affected as they are tougher.

Bison are actually LESS subject to missile fire. And at the scale of the Lords of Fate rules set, the height of a high llama is NOT, in my opinion, significant enough to give someone a missile fire bonus against them! Giants, maybe -- high llamas, no. If the modifier had not actually appeared on the _Dragon Pass_ game tables, I would have eliminated it in Nomad Gods 2ed.

> > the lack of magician units. I think that bringing such huge spirits
> > DP is a very dangerous move without some serious playtesting. I can
> > understand small(er), more specific spirits, such as the spirit of
> > movement, but I really worry about Oakfed, Malia et al.
> Certainly, the Great Spirits would be difficult to justify as some of
> are the equivalent in combat to SuperHeroes and do we want another 2
> SuperHeroes in the game? But, there again, the Great Spirits are allied
> differently to normal spirits, so they could just be left out.

I would only include them in some sort of special scenario.
> I wouldn't allow the Soul Winds in Dragon Pass, as they are Praxian in
> nature.

I agree absolutely. Shadows Dance contains shamans, the troll great mothers, and they cannot call on the Soul Winds. They have a different special magical ability, Incarnation. If we DID give the Grazers (or anyone else in DP) a shaman, full strength or watered down, they should not get the soul winds, but perhaps a different special ability.

> > I quite like simplifying it as well to one table. Any thoughts on how

> > the new table would look?
> You could just roll against the Missile Factor on the Combat Table,
work out
> the casualties and then take them as Disrupted, or Eliminated if you
> double the Defenders' CF. So, if you have a Missile factor of 12 and
roll a
> 6, you have 12 CF worth to be Disrupted, allowing you to Disrupt two
> counters or Elimiate one 6CF counter. It's quick and easy.

This makes missile fire too weak, IMO -- a missile factor of 2 that rolls a 6 would be able to eliminate or disrupt almost no units in the game. This would make missile fire ONLY useful if you had 8 or 12 missile factors in a single attack. And I doubt that will happen very often at all.
> Also, casualties could be taken from anywhere within a stack - missiles
> be fired over the heads of close units onto further units.

Ah, so treat missile fire kind of like magic in that respect. That's a possibility. And no superhero can save your ass this time!

> Chris Ward:
> > I'm with Rob as well. I think only the smaller spirit types should be
available. Although no
> > reason why someone can't make up on-off scens using malia or wild
> > etc.
> If you were playing a combined game, using a big gameboard, then you
> ally the Great Spirits and Prax and then move over to Dragon Pass and
> them there.

Absolutely, a great idea. I'd love to see a proposed battalia listing for using the Praxians as an additional player in one of the full Dragon Pass scenarios -- would two tribes be sufficient to give you a fighting chance against Sartar or the Lunars? Would you need additional units, like some of the magicians? Would you need to start with a set of spirits? (For example, if you pick Bison and Impala tribe, you automatically get the Air and Fire spirits.)


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