Re: Spirits

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss>
Date: Thu Jan 26 15:34:56 2006

> > Well, if herds are more vulnerable to missile fire, then Bison and High
> > Lllama both should be, as they are big targets and easy to hit. Rhinos
> should
> > be less affected as they are tougher.
> Bison are actually LESS subject to missile fire. And at the scale of the
> Lords of Fate rules set, the height of a high llama is NOT, in my
> opinion, significant enough to give someone a missile fire bonus against
> them!

I always wondered why herds were more affected but bison in their mighty groups were not. I'd play they were affected the same as High Llamas.

> Absolutely, a great idea. I'd love to see a proposed battalia listing for
> using the Praxians as an additional player in one of the full Dragon Pass
> scenarios -- would two tribes be sufficient to give you a fighting chance
> against Sartar or the Lunars? Would you need additional units, like some
> of the magicians? Would you need to start with a set of spirits? (For
> example, if you pick Bison and Impala tribe, you automatically get the
> Air and Fire spirits.)

Well, I worked out, ages ago, that the Dragonewts were the equivalent of a fairly strong Praxian tribe, if you include the ancestors, founder and Protectresses. So, if you think the Dragonewts are weak, then you'd need a couple of Praxian tribes for balance.

Would you need the spirits? Probably, yes, as the Praxian tribes are woefully short of magicians. Would they start on the board? Probably not, they'd have to be summoned. I'd use a random selection, though, put all the spirits in a pot and pick out however many you start off with and however many can be summoned. So, you could start off with Dew maid and Rainbow Girl rather than Thunder Bird.

Of course, if the Lunars and Sartarites used Superheroes, then you'd need Tada along as well.

I've just noticed - Gagarth can't fly! The wimp!

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