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Date: Fri Jan 27 04:32:29 2006


On Thu, 26 Jan 2006 15:34:50 +0000 (GMT) Simon Phipp <> writes:

> > Absolutely, a great idea. I'd love to see a proposed battalia listing
> > using the Praxians as an additional player in one of the full Dragon
> > scenarios -- would two tribes be sufficient to give you a fighting
> > against Sartar or the Lunars? Would you need additional units, like
> > of the magicians? Would you need to start with a set of spirits? (For
> > example, if you pick Bison and Impala tribe, you automatically get
> > Air and Fire spirits.)
> Well, I worked out, ages ago, that the Dragonewts were the equivalent
of a
> fairly strong Praxian tribe, if you include the ancestors, founder and

They are? Wouldn't have thought so.

> Protectresses. So, if you think the Dragonewts are weak, then you'd
need a
> couple of Praxian tribes for balance.

Definitely, plus perhaps a couple of the independents, just for spice.
> Would you need the spirits? Probably, yes, as the Praxian tribes are
> short of magicians. Would they start on the board? Probably not, they'd
> to be summoned. I'd use a random selection, though, put all the spirits
in a
> pot and pick out however many you start off with and however many can
> summoned. So, you could start off with Dew maid and Rainbow Girl rather
> Thunder Bird.

A matter of taste, certainly -- the color/elemental connections between tribes and spirits hsa always been a little weak, BUT it has always been intentional as well.

However, I'd let the player select a couple, at least, to start with on the board, to help counter the number of exotics the Lunars and Sartarites get. Either do the elemental affilittion, or have the player select X spirits randomly, but let the player choose 2-3 of the spirits allotted to him to start on the board.

Since there are 5 Praxian tribes, I suppose you could actually have two Praxian players in a combined game, couldn't you? That could get nice and messy -- especially if you let the trolls be their own player too! Just think -- a massive game of Dragon Pass, with 6 players. And you thought Nomad Gods was long!!

> Of course, if the Lunars and Sartarites used Superheroes, then you'd
> Tada along as well.

Absolutely. Also, note that Jaldon Toothmaker is his best friend, so the Praxians would get him at least, even if they don't get the entire Barbarian Horde.
> I've just noticed - Gagarth can't fly! The wimp!

That is a misprint by the French -- he is supposed to fly, as is indicated on the corrected battalia I posted to boardgamegeek last week <>.



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