Tarsh player in 3-player game

From: buserian_at_juno.com <buserian>
Date: Mon Feb 6 17:31:26 2006

Howdy Robert,

> > Give the Tarsh player Cragspider and the trolls
> > Give the Tarsh player Sir Ethilrist
> >
> > Both the above options might be TOO powerful, given the extreme
> > fortitude of both Cragspider and Ethilrist (when you factor in the
> > of Fire, Hound, and Cloak).

Maybe another option would be to get rid of Argrath's Giant-controlling power in the 3-player game, and allow the independents to take control of a Giant if they advance onto and stack with it.

Another idea, perhaps more in keeping with what we now know about Maran, is to give the Earthshakers another exotic power, to control dinosaurs remotely. Or maybe just create a new unit for the Exiles that can do this. The unit would have an RF of, say, 3 or 4, and could control any single dinosaur unit within its RF. Maybe they could control multiple dinosaur units, using their MgF as the guide to how many (either 1 unit per MgF, and make it fairly low; or total MgF based on their MgF and that of any magical unit stacked with them).

Giving the Exiles the ability to control giants or dinosaurs gives them more exotic power without making them more of an immediate threat.

Another option is to give the Tarsh player some advantage in the Diplomacy game. That is, use Diplomacy rules in the 3-player game for those independents that are left around (like Ethilrist or Cragfspider/trolls), and give the Tarsh player a DP advantage for allying any of them (as we've discussed doing for other scenarios with Sartar and Lunars).


> So if anything I'd add in Cragspider (with trolls but without dragon)
> the 3 player and see how that went. Of course, I'm reasonably happy as
> it is (though a long time since I've played 3 up)...

I've always wanted to try a game (2-player or 3-player) where each side DOES start with one of the dragons (though I think it must start in its dragonrest, rather than being placed where it will). Giving the independents Cragspider makes sense, as it just means they start with the black dragon rather than the green dragon. (If you play trolls as a fourth player, independents would get the green dragon and trolls would get the black dragon; a _single_ Praxian player would start with the Sun Dragon, though probably placed closer to DP than all the way out in the Big Rubble -- maybe at Hender's Ruins or Moonbroth or something.)

Anyone ever tried a game with the dragons as part of the starting battalia?


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