Spirit of the Forest

From: Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur>
Date: Fri Feb 24 06:05:03 2006

buserian_at_juno.com wrote:

> Just now, I had a different idea -- make these the Spirit of the Forest
> for the Stinking Forest and the Vale of Flowers, respectively. (The Stump
> becomes the Spirit of the Forest for the Shadows Dance forest.) I wrote
> the following text as a brief explanation of how they might work.

Hmm, but there are no (current) Elf units in DP. Since the Spirit is essentially useless unless there are Elf units, are you proposing some for the Stinking Forest? If so, how and why do they interact with the Tusk Riders?

> I don't think there is a Spirit of the Forest anywhere in Dragon Pass
> except the Stinking Forest, but there would probably be several in the
> Great Forests (i.e., Arstola Forest would actually have several of these,
> but only one would appear in MoLaD). There MIGHT be one in the Elder
> Wilds, but I don't think so -- their forest was decimated by Arkat/Gbaji
> in the First Age, their great tree consumed in magical fire that still
> burns today, but other places would. Hell, Dorastor would have two, one
> of them chaotic!

I think I agree. Of course the other forests have spirits but not on the size that would appear in the DP game. Although perhaps, if one player used the pillar of fire or otherwise allies trolls, the other player (or players - whichever bids highest) could get some alliance of all the elf-related units in the game (currently none :-) Unfortunately I don't think Elf units band together outside the confines of their particular forest to it may not be very useful. How about if you had to go and get something from them a la the dwarf - something that would protect *another* three units (above and beyond a Superhero) from the pillar of fire if stacked with them? Make it slightly useful as well (maybe like -4*--3 and it also doubles the MgF against trolls?)

Hey, just had another thought. How about a nice a juicy mini-dragon spirit if you do the right things (e.g. magician unit emmissary) at Dragon Pass itself (ie. the skull)? Since it's part of/inherent to Dragon Pass, perhaps it's part of an arsenal of 3-4 objects/spirits you could acquire before you went to Kerofin or the temple - say if you did all that then you get another 15 diplomacy per turn, or something else cool :-)


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