DP/NG Crib Sheet

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss>
Date: Wed Mar 1 10:39:53 2006

Hiya All    

  When I last played DP, I spent ages trying to find some of the Diplomacy/Alliance rules, working out the damage for large combat stacks and searching for terrain effects. This slowed the game up quite a bit, so I've put together a crib sheet for the DP/NG games at http://www.soltakss.com/dpngcrib.xls .    

  Basically, I've taken the combat tables from the DP game and added summaries of Diplomacy, Movement and Random Events.    

  I have made some amendments to the standard tables:

  1. The Combat Table has been stretched to 80CF to cope with big stacks.
  2. The Missile Table has been expanded to cope with up to 20*.
  3. I have moved the order of the Parts of the Devil, so that they are accessed on the same dice roll.
  4. I have included some Balazar material.

  It should print on 4 sheets of paper, or on 2 double-sided sheets.    

  If you think it is missing anything or you can find errors, please let me know via the list.    

  See Ya    


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