Dorastor: Land of Doom - mapped!

From: <buserian>
Date: Wed Mar 29 21:36:50 2006

Hi All,

As part of a pet project going back many years (at least a decade), I recently mapped Dorastor to Dragon Pass scale. I have a full-scale hex map, but of course that's a pain in the ass to scan, so I have converted the map to a small-scale hex map (I do this with all the Lords of Fate maps). I have scanned this in, manipulated the parts into a single file, and will gladly send the TIF image to anyone who asks for it.

The file is about 2.5 MBytes, so not everyone will be able to take it, I'm sure. (Converting it to GIF and JPG did not significantly reduce the filesize.)

The hex board is the same height as the Dragon Pass board, but is (IIRC) 4 columns wider. There was no other option if I wanted both the western mountains and Oxhead Temple.

I have made every effort to get the map to the exact same scale as Dragon Pass, so if there are any discrepencies all I can say is, oh well. There are a few unofficial locations included (from The Book of Drastic Resolutions: Volume Chaos, though I note that all of the places I added were either mentioned in official sources, or were part of Sandy's original Dorastor campaign or appeared on old maps of Greg's), and of course MOST of the area borders had to be adjusted to fit the hex model. (If we had rules for multiple terrain types in a hex depending on where the units want to be, I could have left some split; since we need those rules anyway because of rivers, I am not sure what to do.) But this will work for now.

Turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself. :)

Anyway, if you want it, just drop me an email. I will send it, but only if you agree to the following terms:

  1. You will not distribute the map in any fashion or format, to anyone. If someone else wants it, they can email me.
  2. The map is not placed on any web site or used in any publication of any kind, ever.
  3. No modifications are made to the base map except for personal use, and no "transcribed" version is made by any person. In other words, don't use my info to make your own map that you then post or distribute.

Sorry to be so legalistic, but with the Fan Publication rules, I feel I have no other option.

Now, if someone wants to create a Cyberboard version for me, I would LOVE to have it. (I plan to get to it, eventually.) But, such a creation would fall under the same constraints above, and could not be distributed to anyone except me without my express permission. (Once I reviewed it, I'd probably make it generally available like the rest of the Cyberboard maps are.)

Hope everyone is doing well, and having fun.



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