Re: Nomad Gods 3

From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens>
Date: Tue May 2 16:07:23 2006

RRRRRRRhino Khan sez:

> Well, that's definitely a case of your
> Glorantha varying, as Morokanth are
> part of Waha's people and follow the
> Survival Covenant in most versions of
> Glorantha.

To which the cheater replies:

> I wasn't trying to have a variant Glorantha
> without Waha worshipping Morocanth, but just
> a Morocanth war leader following the
> traditions of Dark Eater, as per Sandy's
> article in Drastic Prax, where worshippers
> of Dark Eater are a significant minority.

For what it is worth, I think (in HQ terms) Dark Eater is an independent practice that is hostile to humans and neutral to Morocanth. Greg seemed to agree with me when we discussed it a year+ ago (which might mean I was wrong!), but approached it from the human point of view that Dark Eater is baaaaaad. Hence, the humans have an enemy practice they can join to placate or banish Dark Eater. I don't think anyone has said that worship of Dark Eater means you can't follow Waha, too, though that might have been the roolz effect under RQ.

Chris Lemens

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