Re: Nomad Gods 3

From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk>
Date: Sun May 7 14:57:33 2006

I also don't like the modifier. I'll not use it in new game. But, Chris, you'll probably get a minus for something else. Also, one can "use" chaos, without allying it. This is the normal Praxian way.


From: Chris Ward
This brings up (tangetially) one of my biggest dislikes in the rules: the die roll modifier for allaying to chaos.
We can always role play our reactions towards other tribes allying to Dark Eater, or chaotics such as Malia. Other players responses to Malia alliances are likjely to be largely negative (within the parameters of typical Praxian short term opportunism), and that is modifier enough IMHO.
I had the minus to the die roll.

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