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From: <buserian>
Date: Fri May 12 16:18:54 2006

Hi Chris,

And Hi All! Though I suspect we are somewhat off-topic now, I will respond. :)

> > You can't have it both ways -- either you hate Chaos, or you ally
> > with Chaos. There is no "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"
> > when it comes to Chaos. This is not just a moral choice -- it is a
> > matter of life and existence in Glorantha. If the simple act of
> > rape can transform a human into a broo, as has been stated (or at
> > least implied) in past publications, then there is NOTHING simple
> > about using Chaos as a tool.
> There is a difference between "allying" chaos -- though IIRC that is
> how it is presented in the necessary oversimplification in the Nomad
> Gods rules -- and "using" chaos as occurred at Moonbroth. I do not
> think that any khan would have a significant problem with the idea
> of driving a horde (gaggle? swarm?) of broos against his enemies.
> His problems would be practical ones, like "how do I keep that many
> broos from running amok?" and "how do I round up the ones that
> escape if I win the battle?" Having your enemies kill broos is the
> _ideal_ way to get rid of the broos.

I do not disagree with this -- but that isn't how I understood the recent postings. My apologies if I didn't get what you or others said.

> > Except that you can't simply "clean up" the oases -- all of
> > the sources make it clear that cleansing a Chaos taint from
> > anything is nearly impossible, and is very clearly impossible
> > without actually utterly destroying the tainted object.
> I never much liked the idea that minor spirit cults could "wash
> away" the taint of chaos. But's it has been published.

Well, as I recall, the ones that CAN do it CAN'T do it without destroying the tainted item, at least by implication. The Cleansed One path is not, as far as I understand, as simple as the Pavis box made it out to be.

> > And if even one broo escapes, then it is YOUR OWN FAULT when
> > your herds and your women and your sons all die from
> > broobirth in a couple of seasons. Would ANY Praxian risk that?
> > More to the point, would any Waha chieftain risk it?
> Yes. They did at Moonbroth. Like I say, the best way of killing a
> broo is to have someone you hate try to kill it first. That way, if
> they don't succeed, it is no loss to you and the broo might be

Again, I had understood the post to mean a more active use of broos than this. But I also submit that if the broos "used" at Moonbroth had escaped and impregnated a bunch of herds, then Waha and Eiritha would certainly have blamed the tribe that "used" them instead of killing them.

> There are bounds on what
> Praxians will do. For example, no sane Praxian would:
> - worship a chaos entity
> - allow broos to reproduce in their own herds

Allow broos to reproduce in ANY herds, I would think.

> Praxians would pragmatically evaluate the risk to decide whether to:
> - stop broos from reproducing in someone else's herd
> - clean out a scorpion man egg nest

I disagree -- they would have a moral obligation to do something about both of these, IMO. Now, that obligation might be minimal -- notifying the clan's Storm Khan to "deal with Chaos" and then forgetting the matter. But broo in your enemy's herd today means broo in your own herd tomorrow (there is probably a Praxian proverb much like this), and no khan will kill his own calves to spite an enemy tribe.

> Of course, Bulmen have a different approach. The gray area resolves
> into binary black and white.

Bullmen are NOT more anti-Chaos than Waha! Who has Spirits of Law -- Waha or Storm Bull?



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