Nomad Gods start, turn 1

From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk>
Date: Mon May 15 09:00:17 2006

Greetings Praxians!

Here are the beginning positions and results of first alliance attempts and suchlike. We note positions relative to places, such as 3ne (3 hexes Northeast) of the Paps. You may now send orders for the first turn.

-The High Llama Tribe has come out of the Greatlands and approached the Sun Dome. An emissary clan is being entertained by the Domers. Omens of trouble and doom.
-Rumor has it that a Medicine Bundle (the Corne/Horn) has been seen atop the Block.
-Sable emissaries are being wined and dined at Knight's Fort.
-The Bison Tribe has appeared out of the Greatlands at Corflu, with the Baboon Troop, an unmistakable act of aggression.
-Ronance was given to Morokanth at the Paps.
-The Eternal Battle moved from sw of Sun Dome to 3ne of the Paps.
-The Bastards have gathered at Barbarian Town. Truly dastardly disaster is sure to follow.
-Morokanth have found a Medicine Bundle at Moonbroth.
-The Sable Khan summoned his Founder at Jaldon's Point, an act of war if ever there was one!.

For this game all Impala clans have two missile factors, 6 MF, and I guess I'm giving all clans a MgF of at least 3.
-At Sog's Ruins are an Impala 2**3 6 clan, a 1** 3 6 clan (hereafter referred to simply as clan, this type being the majority of the clans) and a Herd.

-At Day's Rest is an Impala 2**3 6 clan.
-At Pimper's Block is a clan.
-At 4nw Paps (next to where Storm Bull's Ear touched, maybe watching the passage there) is a clan.
-At Obscure Plinth are the Impala Khan, three Impala clans, and an Impala Herd.
-In the Rubble (west hex) is an Impala clan.
-In the Rubble (east hex) is an Impala Herd. Sure looks like a lot of Llama near there.
Can anyone imagine Impala having given that Herd at Malia's Stool to Morokanth? They wouldn't be conspiring together to summon Malia. That would be unthinkable.

-At Corflu is a stompingly large contingent of the Bison Nation, consisting of:
the Khan, three 544 clans, four 434 clans, three 345 clans, and three Bison Herds.
-The Baboon Troop is 1nw of Corflu.

The Founder didn't appear to summons this time.

-At Tourney Altar are a 435 clan and a 255 clan. The 255 clans are considered to be 2 5 5 0, for this game, and have some of the abilities of shamans, as (hopefully) explained in the intro message.
-At Biggle Stone is a 435 clan.
-At 4nw,1n Biggle Stone is a Herd of Herdpersons.
-At Agape is a 336 clan.
-At Malia's Stool is a 435 clan with a captured Impala Herd.
They wouldn't be thinking of sacrificing the Herd there, would they? Nah, they wouldn't want to summon Malia, would they?
-At the Paps is a 336 clan with Ronance.
-At Moonbroth is a 435 clan with a Medicine Bundle.
-At Tada!'s High Tumulus are a 435 clan and a 2550 clan.
-At Winter Ruin is a Herd of Herdpersons. How they'll get out of there I don't know.
-At Dwarf Knoll is a 336 clan and a Herd.
There is some discrepancy regarding the Khan and his exact whereabouts.

The Sable clans are for this game all considered to have one CF more than printed. I think I'll also consider all their MgF to be 3. The three different types of Sable clans will be refered to as H, M, and L, for heavy, medium, and light.
-At Jaldon's Point are the Khan and Founder, with the Nose Horn Herd.
-At Pairing Stones are a Sable 2* 3 6 clan (hereafter refered to as "L" for light clan) and a Herd.
-At Hender's Ruins is a Sable Herd.
-At Knight's Fort is a Sable M clan and an L clan.
-At Horn Gate is an H clan.
-At Old is a Sable L clan. This clan draws support from:
-At 3ne,1se Old is a Sable Herd.

-At the Sun Dome is a Llama 3*56 clan waiting an answer to its emissarial inquiries.
-At 2n Sun Dome are a 546 clan, a 3*56 clan, and a Llama Herd.
-At 2se Sun Dome are a 546 clan, a 3*56 clan, and a Llama Herd.
-At 2ne Sun Dome are the Khan, two 546 clans, a 3*56 clan, and a Llama Herd.

Pol Joni:
-At Barbarian Town are the Bastard leader, stylising himself as Khan (1 4 7), all three Pol Joni clans, the Ansil, Potor, and both Amber Clans, the Flash Jak, And-Jay, and Krise clans, and three cattle herds (2 3 4).

Jaldon Toothmaker

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