Rules of Nomad Gods

From: Ralzakark <dorastor>
Date: Mon May 22 22:02:38 2006

have somebody the ENGLISH Rules for Nomad Gods as Computer-File (pdf. as Example).
Cause a friend of mine try to make an larger Version of this fine game for tentacles.
He has stored his Copy at he Home of his Parents in the Middel of Germany. Now he live at at the Coast. He want to update himself how the rules/Units work, yeah its Gunnar. THE Guy who released an Table-Tennis Size Version of Dragon Pass (includes Big Counters =-O )! Know he try this Project...

Sure, i can copy mine and send him via Post, and pretend to help him to run a fine game at Tentacles ;-) .

Maybe, some can help?

Many Greetings

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