NG3 Turn 2

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss>
Date: Mon Jun 12 15:40:21 2006

Jaldon, he say:    

  > -Spirits of the Horse Forces magicians have destroyed an emissary at Knight's Fort.    

  Wahay! First blood to the Mighty Pol Joni Magicians, as expected. See those Sables run!

> -Morokanth from Tourney Altar have attacked and killed an Impala clan at Day's Rest. The Impalas had no
  > support to allow retreat into the prairie.    

  The beasts. They'll get their comeuppance.

> -Impala have attacked Morokanth at Moonbroth. The arrows of the Impala disrupted the Moros' Medicine Bundle
  > (!?). An Impala clan was killed in melee, but the Pygmy Khan did manage to fight on and with the remaining   > clan push the Moros out of the Oasis.    

  Ha! Shows what a bunch of wimps the Morokanth are. That'll shut Mr Morokanth up.    

  > -The Eternal Battle has suddenly appeared at 2n Knight's Fort.    

  Oops, what's it doing there? Ah well, never mind, something else to show the superior Pol Joni way.

> -Impala at Pimper's Block summoned a Whirlvish, but couldn't control it and were destroyed.

  Ha! And I thought the Morokanth were wimps.

> -A High Llama clan entered Pavis to seek aid but somehow got lost.

  Want a map and someone to read it to you? No Waha Trails in Cities, Highpants.   

> -Waha!'s Champion was given to Impala at the Paps.


> -Rumors persist of a Medicine Bundle (the Corne/Horn) atop the Block.

  What's the chances of it still being there by the time I haul ass across the Plains? Still, got to go and have a look, if only to show those Storm Bullers how good the Pol Joni are.

> -A Sable emissary is drinking lots more wine at Knight's Fort, in fear of its immediate future.

  Run, Sables, run. What, no support? Die, Sables, die.

> -The Bison Khan summoned his Founder at Corflu.

  What's he want to go and do a thing like that for? Still, he's a long way away and not really worth bothering about.   

> -Frog Woman was summoned at Biggle Stone by Morokanth.
> -Raven was summoned at Day's Rest by Morokanth.

  They're bloody annoying, those Morokanth. Get back to your own end, Mr Morokanth!   

Si-Mon, Pol-Joni Khan of Khans, Before whose Magicians the Sable Highpants lie down and die!        

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