Translation to Oriflam's DP & NG

From: <buserian>
Date: Sun Oct 29 17:15:32 2006

Hi Simon,

> I was recently given Oriflam's version of Dragon Pass as a present,
> unfortunately without the English translation of the rulebook. Also I
> understand that their Nomad Gods version is compatible for one big
board? I
> have found a copy of NG for purchase but again it is in French only.
> I was therefore hoping that someone on the list could point me to an
> English translation of Orilfam's rulebooks for both DP & NG.

This is a pretty common request. When Wizard's Attic sold the French editions, they included an English translation of the rules with it. Since they imploded a few years ago (taking half the independent RPG publishers with them), there is no source for the translations. And, because of copyright issues, most people are not willing to make copies or scans available to other people. You could try going to and posting your request there as well.



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