Nomad Gods move 6

From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk>
Date: Mon Dec 4 21:56:14 2006

Waloha Praxians!

Here are the positions after the fifth move and battles, and results of sixth alliance attempts and suchlike.

You may now send orders for the sixth move.

Moonbroth has now been renamed Moo Broth, a real Praxian name.

-While pursuing the retreating Sables after the last battle, Impala and High Llama forces attacked a Sable Herd west of Moobroth. The Sable Protectress appeared to defend the Herd. An Impala clan, directed by the Khan, shot well their arrows but due to their lower 'trajectory' missed the Protectress and instead stampeded the Herd. The Protectress then proceeded to wipe the Prairrie with Waha!'s Champion and forced the Impalas and Men-and-a-Half to, as it were, counter-retreat.

Morocanth and horse bastard forces raced up the devil's hill to reach the Block. They engaged in a sloping struggle which left both Morocanth clans destroyed and only one bastard mob left. Raven has meanwhile flown atop the Block and secured the awaiting Medicine Bundle (the Corne/Horn) for the Morocanth tribe.

Severe frosts occur, with the result that clans and other mortal peoples suffer a reduction of their magic factors by minus one, until the weather changes. The Men-and-a-Half suffer a reduction of minus two.

-The Eternal Battle moved SW, toward Monkey Ruins, scaring the horse bastards who've already suffered so much from it, but then veered north to 7n,1ne Cam's Well.

-Morocanth has summoned White Princess at Winter Ruin.

-Pole Star has been summoned by Sable at Horn Gate.

-The Impala Shaman has arrived near Pimper's Block.

-A High Llama clan has found The Mask of Tada! in the Big Rubble.

-Plague is still at Tourney Altar.

-The Sable Shaman has gathered some clans in the Sacred Ground.

-At 3sw Sog's Ruin are an Impala 2**3 6 clan, a 1** 3 6 clan and a Herd.
These are moving out as property values in Cam's Well dropped due to horse bastards moving in.
-At Obscure Plinth are a clan and a Herd, with a Llama 546 clan.
-At 2nw,1sw Moonbroth are the Impala Khan, an Impala clan, and High Llama's Men-and-a-Half.
-At Moonbroth are an Impala clan & the High Llama Founder, now un-disrupted, and an Impala Herd.
-At 2sw Hender's Ruin are the Impala Shaman and a clan.

-At Corflu is a 434 clan.
-At Agape is a 544 clan.
-At 4sw Agape are the Bison Khan, Founder, a 544 clan, and a Bison Herd.
-At 4nw Agape is a 544 clan.
-At 4ne,1n Agape is a Bison Herd.
-At 2w Horn Gate are two 434 clans.
-At 1se Old is a Bison 434 clan.
-At 1sw,1s Horn Gate is the Baboon Troop.
-At Bigglestone is a 345 clan.
-At 3n,2nw Bigglestone are two 345 clans and a Bison Herd.

-At Day's Rest is a 336 clan.
-At 2se Day's Rest is a Herd.
-On the Block is Raven.
-At 1ne devil's hill is Ronance.
-At Day's Rest a 336 clan.
-At 4s Tourney altar are a 435 clan, a 336 clan, a Herd of Herdpersons, and Frog Woman.
-At 1ne Helmbold's Crossing are the Morokanth Shaman, Sun Hawk, three 435 clans, a 336 clan, a Herd of Herdpersons, and a captured Impala Herd.
-At Winter Ruin is a 435 clan with a Medicine Bundle, a Herd Herdpersons, and White Princess (summoned by tribal preference with the use of the Medicine Bundle).
-At 1s Tada!'s High Tumulus (1s of center hex) are a 435 clan and a 2550 clan.

-At 3s,1se Jaldon's Rest are the Khan, two Sable M (3*3 5) clans, a Sable L clan and the Nose Horn Herd.
-At 2ne,1se Jaldon's Rest is a disrupted Sable Herd.
-At 4se Jaldon's Rest is a Sable Herd.
-At 3nw,1sw Moonbroth is the Protectress.
-At Horn Gate is an H (425) clan with Pole Star.
-At 1sw Paps are Sable Shaman, 2 Sable H clans, a Sable M clan, a Sable L clan & the Serpent Guardians.
-At 4nw,1n Horn Gate is a Sable Herd.

-At the Sun Dome may still be a Llama 3*56 clan.
-At 1n Paps are a 3*56 clan and Good Shepherd.
-At 2s dwarf is a Llama Herd.
-At 3s,1se Pairing Stones is a Llama Herd.
-At west Rubble is a 3*56 clan with the Mask of Tada!.
-At 2w Pavis is a 546 clan.
-At Obscure Plinth is a Llama 546 clan with an Impala clan and a Herd.
-At Pairing Stones are the Khan, two 546 clans and a Medicine Bundle.
-At 1s Pairing Stones is a Llama Herd.
-At 2nw,1sw Moonbroth are the Impala Khan, an Impala clan, and High Llama's Men-and-a-Half.
-At Moonbroth are an Impala clan & the High Llama Founder, now un-disrupted, and an Impala Herd.

Pol Joni:
-At Barbarian Town are the bastard chieftain and the Potor clan.
-At Pimper's Block is the Amber Clan 1 and a Whirlvish.
-On the devil's hill is the Ansil Clan with a cattle herd.
-At 2s,1se Barbarian Town are two Pol Joni clans, a Body of Old, two footmen (334), and a captured Sable L clan.
-At Monkey Ruins is a cattle herd.
-At 1nw Cam's Well are And-Jay, Krise, and a cattle herd.

Jaldon Toothmaker

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