New Gloranthan Discussion Yahoo Group

From: <rjmeints>
Date: Wed Feb 14 20:32:31 2007

Hi all,

Greg has asked me to post this on his behalf:

To All Gloranthans,

I wish to invite you to join the "World of Glorantha" yahoo group. This moderated group has the specific purpose of promoting the discussion of all things Gloranthan, regardless of game system (indeed, even with NO game system specified!). Therein, all members are encouraged to post and discuss anything Gloranthan from the most mundane to the extremely esoteric.

For me, this group will be the sole list I will read regularly and to which I reply. I do not plan to reply to each and every question, since this group is for everyone's ideas, questions, and answers. I want to share the pleasure of discussing Glorantha with everyone in the Gloranthan community. This group is where I will offer new information, new materials, new insights and yes, more gregging! It is also where I look forward to reading your insights, information, and contributions.

Though no longer the publisher of Gloranthan materials, my expanded writing duties leave me with little time to keep up with all of the many varied Gloranthan discussion lists. I want to make myself more accessible to you to clarify my views on Glorantha, as requested. And while it will always be true that YGWV, I hope to offer more guidance about "my Glorantha" this way and address some of the more vexing and confusing issues that have come up over the last 30 years.

Your contributions will help make this succeed. I encourage you to sign up at:

Thank you.

Greg Stafford

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