Nomad Gods move 7

From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk>
Date: Sun Feb 18 22:05:28 2007

WaaHaa! Praxians!  

Here are the positions after the sixth move and battles, and results of seventh alliance attempts and suchlike.  

You may now send orders for the seventh move.  

-Good Shepherd saved Waha!'s Champion, who then lead Impala and High Llama
forces in attacking Sables retreating to Jaldon's Rest. High Llama Founder's magical assault failed to impress anyone. Arrows from both sides achieved little, the only casualty being the disruption of the Nose Horn Herd due to shooting from extra-healthy Impala clans who'd weathered the frosty nights better than other people. The allies fought poorly but the Sables defended the Altar so well that they destroyed the High Llama Founder and disrupted the rest, forcing them to retreat.  

Clans from the Wastes are gathering to enter Prax, but have little support to cross Vulture's Country. Any tribe which sends a Herd or Medicine Bundle, (or any other sort of support or respite from the dryness), into Vulture's Country is likely to ally additional clans.  

Severe frosts continue, with the result that clans and other mortal peoples suffer a reduction of their magic factors by minus one, until the weather changes. The Men-and-a-Half suffer a reduction of minus two.  

-The Eternal Battle moved N, and then veered NE to 4se Tourney Altar. The
Bison Clan there stuck together and even came free with a Body of Old as ally.  

-Morocanth has summoned Night Woman at Winter Ruin.

-A High Llama clan encountered a Whirlvish in the Rubble and was slain by

-Rainbow Girl has been summoned by Bison at Agape.

-The evil leader of horse forces at Barbarian Town has sacrificed a Sable
clan to summon Pure Horse Founder.  

-The Bison Tribe has been given the Horn of Plenty.

-Plague is still at Tourney Altar.


-At Sog's Ruin are an Impala 2**3 6 clan, a 1** 3 6 clan and a Herd.

-At Obscure Plinth are a clan and a Herd, with a Llama 546 clan.

-At 2se Jaldon's Rest are the Impala Khan, a disrupted Impala clan, High
Llama's Men-and-a-Half, disrupted, and Waha!'s Champion, also disrupted.

-At 1s,1se Jaldon's Rest is Impala clan.

-At Moonbroth is an Impala Herd.

-At 3n,1ne Hender's Ruin are the Impala Shaman and a clan.

-At Moonbroth is an Impala Herd.

-At Corflu is a 434 clan.

-At Agape is a 544 clan with Rainbow Girl.

-At 1se Bigglestone are the Bison Khan, a 544 clan, and a Bison Herd.

-At Bigglestone is a 544 clan.

-At 4se Tourney Altar, under the Eternal Battle, is a 345 clan with a Body
of Old.

-At 2se Tourney Altar are a 345 clan and a Bison Herd.

-At 1sw Paps is a 345 clan with the Horn of Plenty.

-At Old is a Bison 434 clan.

-At 4se Old is a Bison Herd.

-At 3sw Horn Gate is the Bison Founder.

-At 2sw Horn Gate are two 434 clans and the Baboon Troop.


-At Day's Rest is a 336 clan, Raven, and a Medicine Bundle.

-At 1se Day's Rest is Ronance.

-At 2se Day's Rest is a Herd.

-At 2sw Tourney altar are a 435 clan, a 336 clan, a Herd of Herdpersons, and
Frog Woman.

-At Winter Ruin is a 435 clan with a Medicine Bundle, a Herd Herdpersons,
and Night Woman (summoned by tribal preference with the use of the Medicine Bundle).

-At 3s Winter Ruin is White Princess.

-At 2nw,1n Moonbroth are a 435 clan and a 2550 clan.

-At 3sw Helmbold's Crossing are a 336 clan and a Herd of Herdpersons.

-At 4sw Helmbold's Crossing are the Morokanth Shaman, Sun Hawk, three 435
clans, and a captured Impala Herd.  


-At Jaldon's Rest are the Protectress, the Khan, two Sable M (3*3 5) clans,
a Sable L clan, two Sable Herds, and the disrupted Nose Horn Herd.

-At 5nw Horn Gate is an H (425) clan with Pole Star.

-At 5nw,1sw Horn Gate is a Sable Herd.

-At 2nw,1n Paps are the Sable Shaman, 2 Sable H clans, a Sable M clan, a
Sable L clan & the Serpent Guardians.  


-At the Sun Dome may still be a Llama 3*56 clan.

-At 1n Paps are a 3*56 clan and Good Shepherd.

-At 2s dwarf is a Llama Herd.

-At Pairing Stones are the Khan, a 546 clans and a Medicine Bundle.

-At 3s,1se Pairing Stones is a Llama Herd.

-At 3se,1s Pairing Stones is a 546 clan with the Mask of Tada!.

-At 1s Pairing Stones is a Llama Herd.

-At 1n Dwarf Knoll is a 546 clan.

-At Obscure Plinth is a Llama 546 clan with an Impala clan and a Herd.

-At 2se Jaldon's Rest are the Impala Khan, a disrupted Impala clan, High
Llama's Men-and-a-Half, disrupted, and Waha!'s Champion, also disrupted.  

Pol Joni:
-At Barbarian Town are the bastard chieftain and the Potor clan with Pure
Horse Founder.

-At 1n Barbarian Town are a Body of Old and two footmen (334).

-At 5s Pimper's Block is the Amber Clan 1 and a Whirlvish.

-At 3s,1sw Day's Rest are the Ansil Clan and a cattle herd.

-At Monkey Ruins is a cattle herd.

-At Cam's Well are And-Jay, Krise, and a cattle herd.

-Two Pol Joni clans have gone west into the dragon lands.

Jaldon Toothmaker

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