AW: Re: House Rules/Brontosaurs in Prax

From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk>
Date: Tue Apr 24 16:54:40 2007

>13. Physical Magic adds to the CF of any units attacking in Melee Combat.

Interesting to try anyway. Or you could have it as an option to be declared, whether to use in the physical magic phase or to wait and add to melee combat.  

>1. No Defender Doubling: combats are resolved by each side rolling

Would make people less inhibited about attacking, so would be more combats. Either way. Doubling makes it more realistic, as it tends to make one side or the other take heavy losses, and players tend to build up to attack and don't just attack wildly, but whatever.

In the Email NG game it's done simultaneously, no doubling. As moves are simul there's no attacker-defender, except in the sense that someone holding defensive terrain gets the benefit of it.  

>5. Assassins only kill individuals (must scout the stack first).

They can slip into a camp at night and buthcer everyone in a unit. It makes them look hard.  

Thesy could take out the leaders or poison a unit's water, or curse their magic or whatever.

>9. Casualties must be selected from the the top of the stack down.

? It's already that way. That's the normal rule. You mean also for magic attacks?  

>2. Casualties are just disrupted (Missile Fire, Dragonfights, Chaotic
Magic, assassination and sacrificing eliminate as normal).  

Hmm. I'll think more about this. I just ran one of the lastest email NG battles and had the top unit disrupted in melee because the CF loss was half what the top defender has. It wouldn't kill him, but disruption seems good in that case.  

>6. When a Scapegoat is chosen, it must be an individual if one is present.

Why? Surely if the Ducks killed Beat Pot then Jar-Eel would want to kill the whole of the unit.  

I'll stick to possibly full units. If your best friend were killed by "those guys there" you wouldn't stop at just the ones who actually hit him. Kill them all, and let Daka Fal sort em out (after we scalp them).  

>Sure, chapparal is hard to eat, but they can survive for a while if they
eat enough of it. If Grazer Herds can survive in chapparal then why not brontosaurs?  

Didn't "Brontos" actually eat pine cones? If they can eat that then grass and brush is easy.  


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