House Rules for Dragon Pass

From: Steve W <steve_gb>
Date: Thu Apr 26 13:57:04 2007

> What I have managed to see so far left me impressed. I grabbed the
> WebHex.class for offline playing, do I need more?

Yes, you do need more - it needs a load of other classes: BField.class, Clock.class, Colours.class, FeatureType.class, Hex.class, Listed.class, Position.class, Terrain.class, TerrainType.class, TerrImage.class, TerrText.class, Unit.class, as well as WebHex.class And lots of image files too, for the terrain and unit pictures: the names of which can be seen in the game file (e.g. dp.txt) minus their ".gif" extensions. It's not clever with directories (yet) but just bunging them all in the same place, with an html and game text file, should work. (Beware of case-sensitivity! Or am I teaching my grandmother to suck eggs here?) If you have any trouble, please ask - I'd be happy to help you get it going.

> The board description comes in handy for testing scales in my Gloranthan
> mapping project.

Oh go on then, do tell - what are you hoping to achieve with your Glorantha mapping project?
Would it help if Balazar etc were rendered into WebHex as well? As it happens, I do have that map and (if you keep talking nicely to me!) maybe even the time to do it...

> Steve, would you mind if your WebHex was advertised on

I'd be honoured. Two reservations though: first, I intend doing various enhancements which will mean changes to the class files and the layout of the game .txt file too, so if people started to use their own copies they may get version incompatibility problems; and second, I haven't quite plucked-up the courage to ask Issaries about a license...

Cheers, Steve W

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