Re: House Rules: Ducks v Beat-pot

From: Steve W <steve_gb>
Date: Sat Apr 28 21:15:10 2007

>>>>6. When a Scapegoat is chosen, it must be an individual if one is present.
>>>Simon: Why? Surely if the Ducks killed Beat Pot then Jar-Eel would want to kill the whole of the unit. ...
>> SJW: ... how would those Ducks kill Beat-Pot? In every game we've played, they've been utter dross...
>Simon: They could shoot a disrupted Beat Pot and kill him that way...

Incredible! Guess what happened in the very next game we played? Yes, my Ducks shot a disrupted Beat-pot and eliminated him (no set up, he was the only possible target). Spooky! (Trouble is, Jar-eel went ballistic and wupped Argrath and his Ducks good - we used your "CF20 only when berserk" rule. And then Beat-pot even made his heroic escape, curse him!)

Steve W

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