Re: Re: House Rules: Ducks v Beat-pot

From: <buserian>
Date: Wed May 2 03:38:53 2007

Hi All,

> > (Trouble is, Jar-eel went ballistic and wupped Argrath and his
> Ducks good - we used your "CF20 only when
> > berserk" rule. And then Beat-pot even made his heroic escape,
> curse him!)
> That happens to my opponents all the time. My heroes usually fail
> their Heroic Escapes, unfortunately.

I have always disliked the way the Scapegoat rules are written. My preference is to wait until AFTER the heroic escape fails to designate a scapegoat. If the best friend is killed but makes an escape, the superhero should never berserk in the first place -- they should be tearing up the battlefield trying to find him.

In fact, another good alternate rule -- if a best friend is killed, and makes a heroic escape, the owning player should be able to choose whether the best friend comes back with the closest unit OR comes back with the superhero, no matter where the superhero is on the board.


(not the ever-changing Steve W, the unchanging Steve M)

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