Re: House Rules: Ducks v Beat-pot

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss>
Date: Wed May 2 12:32:24 2007

The unchanging Steve M:

> Hi All,

Nice to see you back.

>> > (Trouble is, Jar-eel went ballistic and wupped Argrath and his
>>> Ducks good - we used your "CF20 only when
>> > berserk" rule. And then Beat-pot even made his heroic escape,
>>> curse him!)
>> That happens to my opponents all the time. My heroes usually fail
>> their Heroic Escapes, unfortunately.
> I have always disliked the way the Scapegoat rules are written. My
> preference is to wait until AFTER the heroic escape fails to designate a
> scapegoat. If the best friend is killed but makes an escape, the
> superhero should never berserk in the first place -- they should be
> tearing up the battlefield trying to find him.

That makes perfect sense. I think that's how we played it - if the Best friend makes a Heroic escape then he hasn't died.

> In fact, another good alternate rule -- if a best friend is killed, and
> makes a heroic escape, the owning player should be able to choose whether
> the best friend comes back with the closest unit OR comes back with the
> superhero, no matter where the superhero is on the board.

Another good alternate rule. It could also give someone a nasty surprise.

See Ya


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