Re: House Rules: Ducks v Beat-pot

From: <buserian>
Date: Fri May 4 01:00:24 2007

Howdy All,

> On second thoughts (ok, maybe first proper thoughts!), I realize a rule
> you suggest is _necessary_ if you play Superhero CF as significantly
> different when berserk/not. Killing a Best Friend early in the combat
> sequence (with missiles or whatever) doesn't matter much in the RAW,
> the Superhero's CF stays the same* and it's already past the time when
> could make a spirit attack. But if you're using a Superhero CF of 10
(or 12)
> normally, but 20 when berserk, it makes quite a difference to the melee
> too much difference, perhaps? Having experienced it, yes, I think so!
> (* or just losing their leadership, anyway - simulating worry as they
> around looking for their chum?)

Eliminating the leadership factor is already taken care of in the factors, right -- the counterback of a superhero has the higher CF without any leadership factors, right? If not, it should! Anyway, I could see either route -- no berserk unless the friend does not return or immediate berserk without leadership -- as being acceptable, depending on personal tastes. You would want to make sure it was agreed-upon before the game as to which version you were using.
> I'm still not convinced of the "replace Best Friend on their Superhero
> buddy" idea though. It could be nonsensically far away across the map!

Doesn't bother me one bit. Keep in mind that people like Argrath, in the game, in real life were actually a group of close companions. The same could be true of the friends. Since many of Arkat's companions, for example, were constantly confused with him in later histories; and since there is arguably more than one Argrath during the Hero Wars; have the hero who returned be the same unit, but perhaps a different historical individual, would be normal. As such, appearing dozens of miles away isn't an issue.

Even for those who don't like this rationale, such major translocations are not at all unusual in the sages. After all, if someone as super-powerful as Beat-Pot escapes, who is to say that he doesn't escape at the last second by means of a secret door to the Moon (or to some other Otherworld place), and it is the connection with the superhero that lets him return. I could come up with many similar explanations -- hell, Greg's own fiction has Arkat, early in his career, making a "heroic escape" and appearing many miles away from the battle site when he returns. Terrestrial myths have similar incidents.

So, as I said, this rule doesn't trouble me at all. :)

> And does the reverse apply, if the SH makes an escape? And we'd still
need the

Probably not -- the superhero is vastly more powerful, so I wouldn't consider this to automatically be the case. But I would not argue against it if someone wanted to do it. Hell, given my rationale above about Otherworlds, I would actually support superheroic escapes to be done very differently, with the superhero possibly appearing in any of many possible places -- with any allied magician unit anywhere on the board; in any appropriate temple anywhere on the board; wherever in the hell Jareel wanted if she returned on a Full Moon Day; etc. Adding a d6 table for superheroic return could be kind of fun:

  1. Nearest allied unit
  2. Any appropriate temple
  3. The nation's capital
  4. With the best friend
  5. With the nearest allied magician unit (or with any Master of Magic *)
  6. With a particular appropriate unit (Bloodspillers for Jareel, Wolf Pirates for Harrek, etc.)

On a particularly appropriate day/time, the roll would not have to be made -- on a Full Moon Day, Jareel could appear anywhere within the Glowline; on a (no inspiration), Harrek could appear anywhere outside the Glowline, or within Old Sartar, or whatever rule was deemed to be appropriate; etc.

> normal rule, for non-BF heroes - so this would be an added

Unless my new optional rules above are considered...

> Nearest friendly stack is fine. (And can produce some fun situations,
> one we had a while back when the Red Emperor bought it at Glasswall but

> returned to a stack down the River in Dwarf Run: "What's that bloody
> tattered rag floating downstream there, Centurion? ....Aah! Your
> Majesty!")

> TTFN, Steve the Stable

Hmm, but you are no longer Steve W, rather "Steve the Stable", and hence you have changed again... Sounds like Trickster at work!


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