Re: House Rules/Brontosaurs in Prax

From: Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur>
Date: Mon May 7 08:42:19 2007

Simon Phipp wrote:
> I always remember someone telling a story of the Second World War when the Ghurkas used to sneak into Japanese camps and kil every second sleeping soldier then sneak out again to demoralise the enemy. Whether true or not, the idea of a small unit being able to assassinate a regiment apealed to me. I always thought eh Assassins were not individuals but bands of assassins.

I always thought it strange for them to be able to do a whole 500+ people, but hey, this is magical Glorantha!
>> SJW: Oh, by all means, slaughter those Ducks! I just meant, if there happens to be an individual
>> around, they should be the one to get the blame - makes it more personal. (BTW, how would those
>> Ducks kill Beat-Pot? In every game we've played, they've been utter dross. Until the first playtest
>> game for Rule 2 - then they were heroes! Amazing.)

I quite like the idea of a group of individuals hanging around with some fast cavalry or flying unit and, when the best friend is done in (and fail a recovery IMG), then all of them stand around whistling, looking at each other, and saying things like "Me? No, I didn't have a sword in my hand. I think it was the <unit> that's running <*very* fast> that way <points>" :-]

>>>> 10. Major Independents are allied by emissaries, not Diplomacy Points...

I like the idea of independents leaving an alliance (for various reasons), and needing to re-ally. This includes *not* being able to get some independents if you have others (escapes me at the present but I'm sure there's reasons :-)


Interested, but the sites down (from here) at the moment.

> Watch this space for a Cyberboard Gamebox for Griffin Mountain/Elder Wilds with a full map.



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