Re: House Rules: Ducks v Beat-pot

From: Steve W <steve_gb>
Date: Tue May 8 11:22:37 2007


Sorry for not replying sooner - a busy holiday weekend: visiting the Royal Armouries, buying/painting figures etc. Anyway...

Steve W wrote:
>> (* or just losing their leadership, anyway - simulating worry as they
>> run around looking for their chum?)

Steve/buserian wrote:
> Eliminating the leadership factor is already taken care of in the
> factors, right

Yes it is, that's what I meant, since you'd mentioned it.

>> I'm still not convinced of the "replace Best Friend on their Superhero
>> buddy" idea though. It could be nonsensically far away across the map!
> Doesn't bother me one bit. Keep in mind that people like Argrath, in the
> game, in real life were actually a group of close companions. ...
It's a matter of taste. I prefer to think of the heroes etc as individual people, and more mundane explanations for heroic escapes, so I don't see any need to change/complicate the rule about where they return.

>> And does the reverse apply, if the SH makes an escape?
> Probably not -- the superhero is vastly more powerful...
> ...I would actually support superheroic escapes to be done very
> differently, with the superhero possibly appearing in any of many
> possible places ...

Seems like you're regarding Superheroes as summonable super-spirits (but physical). Very Nomad Gods-like. Is that a rationale for the SH's 20CF? As I said, I prefer more mundane explanations, so I'd go for a reduced CF (10 or 12, perhaps even when berserk too?). I also like the 'culture' differences between DP and NG, but your suggested rule feels like it would erode them. I don't like to be negative - would anyone else care to comment?

> * If that rule is used; for those who haven't been here long enough to
> know about it, a Master of Magic is...
Interesting - thanks for that. Was this anything to do with the fabled Masters of Luck etc?

> Unless my new optional rules above are considered...
That's what we're here for!

>> TTFN, Steve the Stable
> Hmm, but you are no longer Steve W, rather "Steve the Stable", and hence
> you have changed again... Sounds like Trickster at work!
> Steve

Gimme a break! My usual sign-off is 'Steve' but you've nabbed that. 'Steve W the Stable' seemed awkward, distracting from the joke. At least my posting by-line is staying the same now. Besides, surely the Trickster role is reserved for Mr Stafford. ;-)

TTFN, Steve W (with no jocular claims for stability)

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