From: Steve W <steve_gb>
Date: Wed May 9 08:13:57 2007

> CJ wrote:
>> Major Roads: half an mp per hex
>> Minor Roads: extra "free" hex per 2 hexes travelled.
>> Does the minor road bonus also apply to units travelling on major roads?
>> (ie. is the real movement cost on major road one per four hexes?) Surely
>> this can't be the case?
> Rob wrote:
> Definitely not (IMHO :-). All it's trying to say is per-hex cost is 1/2MP
> for major roads and 2/3 for minor roads. As per usual, the fun is on the
> edges when you *really* need to get that extra hex but just can't do it.
> Part of the fun of the game! Oh, and don't forget flying units can't
> benefits from roads. We played it that units with underlined MF could
> benefit, but I can see it the other way as well - what do others play?

Yes, that's right (well, it's how we play it anyway). Remember you can also carry-over the "free" hex from minor road travel onto a major road.

While we're on the road (subject), can people please confirm to me a curiousity I only noticed the other day? Although primary roads ignore terrain, secondary ones don't (DP 6.1.2). As far as I can see, this only affects the minor roads coming up out of Dwarf Run - is it right that coming up the minor roads across the ridgelines there should cost an extra (i.e. 2) MP? (Unless it happens to be the third "free" one?)

TTFN, Steve W

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