From: <buserian>
Date: Wed May 9 22:11:27 2007

Hi Rob,

> Steve W wrote:
> > Rob wrote:
> >> They can be fun later in the game when you've got three after
> >> capturing one or both the enemies ...
> > You can use captured Assassins? Is this just an interesting house
> > or does everyone play it that way?
> Oh, that's interesting. We always assumed that "Assassin Captured"
> you had it, and if you have it then of course you use it (that's
> politics folks :-)

Ah, an interesting interpretation I imagine most people don't share. But I like it -- it makes using your assassin a bit more risky! BTW, I do not like assassins targeting things like superheroes, dragons, or the Crimson Bat -- doesn't seem right. But the Red Emperor, well, that's exactly what an assassin SHOULD be for!


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