From: Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur>
Date: Thu May 10 00:25:32 2007 wrote:
> Ah, an interesting interpretation I imagine most people don't share. But
> I like it -- it makes using your assassin a bit more risky! BTW, I do not
> like assassins targeting things like superheroes, dragons, or the Crimson
> Bat -- doesn't seem right. But the Red Emperor, well, that's exactly what
> an assassin SHOULD be for!

It certainly makes the game more fun - sometimes they swap over a couple of times. It also adds some interest when you decide not to use your assassin in case you lose it OR its captured.

We debated often over assassinating SH and the bat. Dragons didn't even get a look in (how *could* you?!). IIRC, we decided that you could target heroes and superheros but of course they get their heroic escape attempt, so there wasn't much chance of actually doing one in and the DP lost with a fail rarely made the attempt worth it. I can certainly see a   case for saying that they get an extra +1 on their heroic escape attempt as well, which would make it even less inviting (but pretty damn satisfying and annoying if it did work :-). The bat, hydra, delecti (!), travelling stone, etc. are more problematic. We let attempts be made, but I can understand the other side as well.


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