AW: Re: Roads

From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk>
Date: Thu May 10 18:27:08 2007


>> OK, talking Dragon Pass here.
>And Nomad Gods - isn't the Pavis Road a major road?

It's minor. I don't remember if it says so, but I knew it once and play it that way.

> Does the minor road bonus also apply to units travelling on major roads?

No. But if you travel one major and later a minor then the next minor would be free. That is, a major counts toward the minor free hex. And as stated in 6.1.2 moving along two minors gives you the next road hex of either type free.

>Although primary roads ignore terrain, secondary ones don't (DP 6.1.2).

I just found the rules. It doesn't say anything about secondary not ignoring. As long as you move along either kind of road you get the bonus.  


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