Delecti (was Roads)

From: Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur>
Date: Fri May 11 02:44:01 2007

CJ wrote:
> Do Zombies get road bonuses? Sadly I fear not, but worth a try! I'm on turn
> 13 of scenario 7 and faster zombies are my last hope!

nope (IMG). Stack 'em with the spirit of movement is the only way. Strangely this happens to work well for pretty much everything :-) Oh, actually they did come in handy *once*, when someone (don't think it was me) burnt out the spirit and everyone moved double for the turn, and Delecti and a couple of zombies managed to make it to a reasonable battle. Once.

So the broader question is what can be done about Delecti? I can't remember the earlier discussions, but I don't recall changes for D. being discussed much. I like the idea behind D., just like I like having so many different places and people that offer something really different. It's just that he's so rarely useful. Of course, the benefit is that it only takes one duck to get him :-).

I don't think more speed is the answer though. It'd help, but just makes them into another set of usual unusual units (!?). Here's a first stab at some wild ideas:


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