Delecti (was Roads)

From: CJ <cj>
Date: Sat May 12 00:37:45 2007

> Funny you should ask that, I only recently had a realization about
> abandon that first Zombie and he can get somewhere much more interesting
> (and probably more productive, zombie-wise) a lot quicker. Wintertop in
> Wilm's Church in 3, Bagnot in 4... (Haven't had a chance to test this yet.
> Am I the last to realize this?) Would this help you, CJ?

It would, but I had my Sartar magicians hiding in the Marsh next to Delecti, and managed to move him next to a dragonfight, so he was rather well supplied with Zombies - up to Zombie 5 in fcat, which makes him quite lethal. Sadly the speed was what ended it.

BTW, Zombie movement. Imagine a line of zombies running due north from Delecti's ruin. Now I move them and Delect all one hex east. Is that a legeitimate move? I would have thought so, but reading the rules I think it si not - trian not chain seesm to be how the rules work. Thanks for the hint Steve, I'll definitely try that next time. Yes, moving Delecti to the action makes sense,a t te expense of one zombie...

cj x

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