AW: Re: Roads

From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk>
Date: Sat May 12 12:34:50 2007

>> Daniel wrote:
>> How is that a double benefit?
>> You travel a major, and then a minor - the next minor is free, just as if
>> you'd travelled two minors. Nothing doubled.
>Doing it that way, you'd get the benefit of the half cost move on the
>primary/major road AND of the 'two-thirds' cost move on the secondary/minor


There is no 2/3 cost. A minor costs one.

>So it's double in the sense that you'd get two bonuses at once.
>In fact you'd move 3 hexes for 1.5 MF (so double in that sense too!)
>- which is as good as moving along a primary road for the whole distance,

In that one case, yes, it seems to me you'd pay half for the first hex and one for the second, and zero for the third, just as if you'd travelled a major the whole way. Not likely to happen much. Well, you can play it otherwise if you will. Half for the first, one each for the second and third, the fourth being free you've now spent .5+1+1+0=2.5 for four hexes. If there were another major you could use the remaining .5

>We are talking about the AH DP rules here, aren't we?


>Or am I getting confused with some newer/NG road rule I'm unaware of...?)

The rules are the same here.


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