AW: Roads!

From: <buserian>
Date: Sun May 13 02:32:50 2007

Hi All,

OK, forgot that I had an electronic copy of Nomad Gods on this computer. :)

Terrain Effects states:

Movement: Costs 1 MP to enter a hex when moving along a road; otherwise, no effect. For each two hexes entered along a secondary road at normal cost, the next hex entered along any road is entered at no cost.

Thus, from this basic reading, Dnial is correct -- terrain does NOT affect movement along a secondary road. ALSO, movement along a primary road does NOT carry over to secondary road movement. Rather, if you move two hexes on a secondary road, and the next hex is a primary road, you can move one hex along that primary road for free. If you move 1 hex on a primary road, then 1 hex on a secondary road, the next hex of secondary road is NOT free.

Now, 6.1.2 does NOT carry the movement bonus to primary roads, only secondary roads; but I view that as an oversight in both the original DP rules and my Nomad Gods revision, and will stick with the "along any road" reading of the Terrain Effects summary.

Note that, from 6.1.2, these hexes must be traveled along in a single round; the bonus does not carry over to the next turn.

Finally, also from 6.1.2, the hexes along the secondary road do not have to be traveled consecutively in the movement, only in the same turn -- if I move 1 hex along a secondary road, then 2 hexes in open terrain, then one more hex along a different (or even the same) secondary road (total cost so far: MF 4), I can then enter one more hex of secondary road for free. If I had MF 6, I could go secondary road - open terrain - open terrain - secondary road - open terrain - open terrain -- free hex along secondary road; if this sequence were legally possible.



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