Oops, more roads

From: buserian_at_juno.com <buserian>
Date: Sun May 13 02:38:58 2007

Hi All,

A question came up earlier about heroic movement and roads, too, can't recall if it was resolved. But:

A unit with an underlined MF uses heroic movement. Units using heroic movement never pay more than 1 MP to move from a hex to an adjacent hex. If the normal MP cost to move from one hex to another is less than one, units using heroic movement pay the lower cost.

Thus, a hero always pays 1 MF per hex to move UNLESS he is moving along a road, in which case he pays 1 per hex for secondary roads (and gets the third for free) and ... hmm, I don't have DP electronically, I can't confirm primary road rules, since Nomad Gods included only secondary roads (including the Pavis Road).

Steve M.

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