AW: Roads!

From: <buserian>
Date: Tue May 15 02:03:05 2007

Hi Daniel,

> Yosemite does take time to get to, more I assumed from the distance -
> slow for all the winding approaching from south road. And that's not
> rough mountain terrain. Driving from the valley to the top took forever
> but was more expected.

Basically, it was less than 5 km straight-line distance, but takes a very long time to traverse -- a factor of going up the ridgeline is how I would consider it.

> I always thot hills should cost more than open terrain. Maybe two

I've always thought this as well, but I do not know enough about historical/classical troop movement speeds to say that DP is inaccurate in this case -- given the need for supplies, it may be that the normal Open Terrain movement rate represents a maximum sustainable, day-in-day-out rate. Didn't we once discuss adding a Forced March rule that allows any unit to forced march at any time, but at the cost of becoming disrupted or something like that?

Steve M.

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