South Soldier Reserve & Game 7 Sartar Diplomacy Points

From: CJ <cj>
Date: Thu May 17 16:38:57 2007

 Hi chaps, hope you don't mind my questions. I found the Brontosaur one particularly interesting! I like the shield rule, but guess the bronto would then be eliminated if it took 10 Mgf damage not stampeded?

I am just starting game 7 again as Sartar using Cyberboard.I was flipping through teh special rules and noted the option of the South Soldier Reserve. I have never really seen the point: they have to enter on turn one, and don't have much advantage where they appear! Anyone ever found a cunning tactic for them?

Also, anyone got any thoughts on best assignment of DP for Sartar or Lunars in this scenario? Last game I was Sartar and went for Ethilrist - he and the Dragonnewts never entered play in 14 turns, and I got the Exiles and CragSpider while the Lunars got the Grazelaners, Androgeus and Beast Valley. Delecti however was amazingly useful to me as Sartar player in this situation. Anyway enough whittering - I've assigned my points now anyway!

cj x

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