Balazar/Elder Wilds Map

From: <buserian>
Date: Fri May 18 02:07:30 2007

Hey Simon,

> After what seems like years, I have a sample version of my
> Balazar/Elder Wilds map for the Dragon pass/Nomad Gods rules. It
> still needs a bit of work, especially to make it compatible with the
> Dragon Pass map. Also, it needs a scale, possibly, and a key,
> perhaps and copyright statements, but those are just nice-to-haves.
> It is at
> and comes in at about 8 Mb. As always, any comments would be greatly
> appreciated before I put links to it from my website.
> I've done it in Cyberboard, so any changes should be fairly easy to
> make, so I can change hexes, put pictures instead of Hearths and so
> on. I dropped the resolution to make it easier to load, as the
> original was about 30Mb, but I can make the higher resolution one
> available as well.

You know I want the higer-res version and Cyberboard file themselves. :)


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