Re: Balazar/Elder Wilds Map

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss>
Date: Fri May 18 19:16:07 2007

Steve M:
>> I've done it in Cyberboard, so any changes should be fairly easy to
>> make, so I can change hexes, put pictures instead of Hearths and so
>> on. I dropped the resolution to make it easier to load, as the
>> original was about 30Mb, but I can make the higher resolution one
>> available as well.
>You know I want the higer-res version and Cyberboard file themselves. :)

> Excellent - I'd love a copy of the cyberboard file if one is available? I
> have only had time to make a brief look but comments follow in the morning.

OK, the Cyberboard Gamebox should be at let me know if it isn't there. It uses Cyberboard V3.

> Have you devised any units and/or scenarios?

The Balazar Game is at but I am planning eventually to rejig it all and put it into a single document.

See ya


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