AW: Stampeding herds and disruption? (Dragon Pass)

From: <buserian>
Date: Sun May 20 18:57:17 2007

I think the herd should be disrupted at the end of the stampede as well. (For any kind of herd.)

Keep in mind that herds whose MF is +2 (or whatever) have a base move of 2 (or whatever), IIRC.


On Fri, 18 May 2007 14:40:11 +1000 Robert McArthur <> writes:
> Goihl & Fahey wrote:
> > Yes, double movement for stampeding Brontos, and units in hexes it
> > are disrupted and moved one hex in a random direction.
> Hmm. Don't know about the double move - maybe half again?; but I like
> the disruption. I'd probably say they stay in the same hex and are
> disrupted. If that's the last in the bronto's move, then the unit(s)
> disrupted, stay still, and gain a brontosaur. Fat lot of good it will
> them disrupted :-)
> Rob
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