Disrupted Spirits/Cyberboard Gamebox

From: buserian_at_juno.com <buserian>
Date: Mon May 21 04:07:58 2007

Hi CJ,

> Just playing Dragon Pass and noticed that Spirits have a disrupted
> side in the cyberboard version. Grabbing my physical game I had a look
> sure enough, so they have. So question: how doe sone disrupt a spirit?

Depends on the game. As I recall, there is not actually any way _in Dragon Pass_ to disrupt a spirit. When WB&RM was updated to be Dragon Pass, the entire rules set of DP/NG/MoLaD were being considered, and this feature was to be in one or another of the games.

Accordingly, I added a unit to Nomad Gods that can disrupt spirits -- the Spirit Archers, who can use Missile Fire against spirits, and thus can obtain a disrupt result.

At many times during the history of the DPD/Gloranthaboard, we have discussed modifications to the Combat Results Table (CRT). One such discussion was to add Disrupt and/or Retreat results to the CRT. If this occurred, there is no reason why we could not have disrupted spirits much more often, as a result of Magical Combat. I would favor this, actually -- I like the idea that a devastating but non-fatal magical attack might overwhelm a spirit, weakening it until it can restore itself by returning to its Otherworld home and coming back to the Mortal World refreshed.

> Incidentally the Cyberboard Game box I was using has the following
> we are slowly correcting. Just in case anyone else gets it --
> * there is a secondary road missing near the Dragon's Eye
> * Baron Sanuels MgF appears as 5 not 6
> * The Trachodons have the wrong MgF on several counters
> * The Dragontooth Warriors possess heroic movement, but shouldn't.
> They are the ones I recall, and may exist in other versions of the

Which version of the gamebox are you using? As I recall, there are a few of them. Also, I would want to compare all of the counters to the errata that appeared in the Avalon Hill version of Dragon Pass, as several counters in both versions of the game (Chaosium and AH) were printed incorrectly.


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