Dragon Pass: the Hound!

From: Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur>
Date: Thu May 31 00:14:32 2007

CJ wrote:
> How do you think the hound works? Does it have to travel in one of the
> 6
> straight lines surrounding the hex it is located in or can it travel
> horizontally across the board - which would mean zig zagging around a
> central straight line? I cannot fathom it out. I am leaning towards
> the
> first interpretation, but the latter would be fine too I think. We need
> to
> agree on it before I act! Maybe you could ask the guys on the forum how
> they read it?

Always one of the six hex directions was the way we worked. Often meant Ethilrist had a long ride for a turn or two to get into position. Then b****y Keener Than was always there... except one memorable time when it trashed about 7 stacks including 3 magicians. Those were the days :-)


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